Beyond Brexit: The Blueprint

by Fred Harrison & Mason Gaffney Ph.D. 

UK tax policies will prevent Prime Minister Theresa May from honouring her promise to rebalance the economy and enhance people’s life chances. 

Fred Harrison repeats his accurate ten-year forecast he gave when Tony Blair came to power in 1997: The UK has ten years to reform taxes to prevent the next property boom which will otherwise turn to a devastating bust in 2026. 

The UK loses about 500bn pounds every year in wealth due to “bad” taxes. Across Europe, nations lose 1 trillion euros from VAT (value-added tax) alone, according to Mason Gaffney, emeritus professor of economics at the University of California. Governments create the tax barriers to employment that drive people from their home settlements, creating the cross-continent migration that drove Britain to Brexit. The unique fiscal strategy for rescuing the EU project is described to pave the way for European prosperity, while securing the UK’s freedom to trade.

ISBN: 978-0-99563-510-4            
PB 145 pp
2016 Land Research Trust (UK)    
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Introduction to Beyond Brexit with Fred Harrison Interview


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