American Journal of Economics & Sociology Vol. 71 No. 4 October 2012 (Catholic/Georgist Dialogue)

Two Views of Social Justice:
A Catholic/Georgist Dialogue

edited by Kenneth R. Lord


In this speical issue:

  • Two Views of Social Justice: A Catholic/Georgist Dialogue 
  • Principal Concepts in Henry George's Theory of Natural Law: A Brief Commentary on The Science of Political Economy
  • Natural Law and the Roman Catholic Tradition: The Importance of Philosophical Realism 
  • Human Nature from a Georgist Perspective
  • Human Nature from a Catholic Perspective 
  • Just Reward: The Nature of Work and Its Remuneration in the Economics and Ethics of Henry George
  • Human Work in Catholic Social Thought 
  • Going My Way? Wending a Way Through the Stumbling Blocks Between Georgism and Catholicism 
  • A Catholic Response to Henry George's Critique of Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum 
  • Henry George's Perspective on War and Peace
  • Just War: A Catholic Perspective : Cui Non Videtur Causa Justa?
  • Henry George and Immigration
  • A Little Common Sense: The Ethics of Immigration in Catholic Social Teaching 
  • Development and Wealth: A Georgist Perspective
  • From The Wealth of Nations to Populorum Progressio (On the Development of Peoples): Wealth and Development from the Perspective of the Catholic Social Thought Tradition 
  • Neighborhood Revitalization and New Life: A Land Value Taxation Approach


PB 448 pp
RSF: AJ71-4
2012 Wiley Blackwell

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