As Evil Does: Anatomy of a Killing Cult (Handbook on Humanity)
By Fred Harrison

Governments are unable to combat the great eco- nomic and environmental crises of our age because they are denied access to the financial tools that would solve problems like housing boom/busts, pov- erty and unemployment. State agencies are crippled by a culture of cheating. That culture was incubated in the 16th century by the English feudal aristocracy who executed a coup against the monarchy. Their mission was to seize control of the public purse and pocket the social revenue, the rent of land. Govern- ments, consequently, had to start taxing people’s earned incomes. This, in turn, inflicted grievous damage on productivity and created today’s social pathologies. This first in a trilogy of expose╠üs reveals how the culture of cheating mutated to become the driving force that damages the lives of all of us -- what economists call rent-seeking. But a new kind of finance system would place societies back on the path to social evolution. Fred Har- rison. . . examines the historic and current evil of. . . ignoring the Covenant of Gift and Humanity’s responsive Trusteeship.~ Christian Council for Monetary Justice

ISBN: 978-0-99333-980-6
PB 168 pp, 2015, Geophilos


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