Georgist Journal No. 104 (Spring 2006)

  • Georgists Turn Out at EEA Conference (Wyn Achenbaum)
  • Fund Basic Income Grants Not From Income, but From Outgo (Jeff Smith)
  • Chicago 2006: 'The Self-Sustaining City'
  • Baltimore Eyes LVT Reform (Josh Vincent)
  • Beware the Term 'Land Tax' (Shirley-Anne Hardy)
  • Repopulating New Orleans (Mason Gaffney)
  • The Forgotten Ones: Katrina (Mumia Abu-Jamal)
  • What Are Theories of Value Important? (Lindy Davies)
  • Revolution or 'Restoration'? (Ed Dodson)
  • New York City Real Estate Hall of Shame
  • By the Way: Don't Insist on Rationality (Lindy Davies)
RSF: GJ-104

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