Georgist Journal No. 106 (Winter 2007)

  • UN-Habitat Launches Global Land Tool Network (Alanna Hartzok)
  • LVT and Property Values (Dan Sullivan)
  • Charing for Common Land (Richard Giles)
  • Letter from Nicaragua (Paul Martin)
  • Pop Dread and Corn Pone Opinions (Dan Sullivan)
  • Benefits of Military Spending (Polly Cleveland)
  • Land Booms and Peace Dividends (Mason Gaffney)
  • Seattle, Real and Feigned (Lindy Davies)
  • Henry George's Letter at the Funeral of Karl Marx (Bruce Oatman)
  • Ricardo's Law (Review by Ed Dodson)
  • Blight and Bloom in Brooklyn (Common Ground NYC)
  • By the Way: With One Voice (Lindy Davies)
RSF: GJ-106

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