Georgist Journal No. 109 (Spring 2008)

  • Kansas City Here We Come
  • Whatever Happened to Georgism? (Richard Giles)
  • Lincoln Squares Away School Funding (Lindy Davies)
  • Political Economy and Services (Lindy Davies)
  • Mumia Update (Lindy Davies)
  • The Death of the Pursuit of a Dream: A House (Mumia Abu-Jamal)
  • A Look at Rental Value Assessments (Lindy Davies)
  • A Georgist Stand on Corporate Privilege? (Lindy Davies)
  • Fair and Unfair Competition (Sydney A. Mayers)
  • The Simple Truth (Everett W. Gross)
  • The Irish Famine (Oscar B. Johannsen)
  • An Interview (Doña Lucy Silfa)
  • By the Way: A United States Prison Index
RSF: GJ-109

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