Progress and Poverty (abridged)

An Inquiry Into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want With Increase of Wealth...the Remedy
Many economists and politicians foster the illusion that great fortunes and poverty stem from the presence or absence of individual skill and risk-taking. Henry George, by contrast, showed that the wealth gap occurs because a few people are allowed to monopolize natural opportunities and deny them to others. George did not advocate equality of income, the forcible redistribution of wealth, or government management of the economy. He simply believed that in a society not burdened by the demands of a privileged elite, a full and satisfying life would be attainable by everyone.
Originally published in 1953, this redesigned edition of Madsen's thoughtful abridgment has an introduction by Prof. Kris Feder of Bard College.
Author: Henry George
Editor: A. W. Madsen
Paperback 250 pp
ISBN: 9780911312102
RSF: R1210
2012 RSF (Reprint)
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