The Silver Bullet

There's Only One Way to Kill Poverty
Face it: The world is no closer to consigning poverty to history. Why is there still poverty——from whole countries of the poor south, to the back streets, slums and trailer parks of the rich West? The good intentions, the money, the rhetoric, the pity and the media histrionics are but pinpricks to a world-rampaging monster. They say there is no silver bullet.
Fred Harrison asks, Doesn't every citizen of the world have an equal right to the good life? With so much wealth in the world, why are so many of us so poor, when we could rid ourselves of this monster? And the fact is, there is only one way to kill poverty...
Author: Fred Harrison
Paperback 220pp
ISBN: 9780904658101
RSF: N5810
2008 The IU

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