The Alodia Scrapbook

Vol. 1: Creating a New Paradigm, 2001––03

At the turn of the 21st century, Alodia was a struggling, debt-saddled, former French colony in West Africa. Its agriculture and industry functioned well below their capacity; it had a large and growing population of AIDS victims; it had deepened its people’s suffering in order to secure debt relief; its natural environment had been deeply degraded. However, Alodia differs in one significant respect from all the other nations in such straits: it is fictional.

With "primary sources"——newspaper and magazine articles, photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses——this book tells the story of Alodia's transformation from within by means of "vision, education and common sense."

Author: Lindy Davies
Paperback 112 pp
ISBN: 9780974184425
RSF: N8442
2010 Henry George Institute

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