The Earth Belongs to Everyone

Articles and Essays by Alanna Hartzok

In this collection of essays, speeches, and articles, Alanna Hartzok, co-director of Earth Rights Institute, describes how to establish political-economic systems based on the human right to the planet as a birthright. Hartzok shows that earth-rights democracy is an essential ethical basis necessary to secure other economic human rights and to create a world of peace and plenty for all. She places this core perspective into an integrated local-to-global framework that balances the need for global cooperation with the necessity for building demilitarized, decentralized, and sustainable local-based economies.

The volume shows how the earth-rights ethic can be realized through fundamental yet practical reforms in public finance policy based on integrating two primary trains of thought: 1) the policy of “land rent for the people” as advocated by Thomas Paine, Henry George, and other economic thinkers, and 2) recent movements for “green” polluter-pay type taxes. Successful working examples of the earth-rights approach to public finance are found throughout the book.

Author: Alanna Hartzok
Paperback 368 pp
ISBN: 9781933567044
RSF: N6704
2008 The Institute for Economic Democracy

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