The Fair Tax

Supported by History ... Agreed by Economists ... Feared by the 1%
The tax regime in Ireland, Colm McCarthy points out in his Preface, has been very favourable to property owners, but especially to developers who, together with their banks, took maximum advantage. It fuelled the disastrous property boom with the huge development-site debts racked up by a handful of avaricious developers, and led directly to the Irish state having to shore up the collapsing banks.
The Fair Tax explains how a second massive transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% can happen again due to the ignorance of politicians, the hubris of the Department of Finance, and the continuing backroom influence of the developers and bankers. The authors clearly explain the real advantages of a Site Value Tax over a conventional property tax and convincingly show how easy it is to assess and implement.
Editor: Emer Ó Siochrú
Paperback 170 pp
ISBN: 9780856832901
RSF: S3290
2012 Shepheard-Walwyn

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