The Other Law of Moses

The Other Law of Moses takes the reader on an epic journey, illuminating a plan for universal freedom and prosperity. The ancient Israelites were among the most prosperous people of their time and became the world’s first middle class nation, enjoying freedom and justice.

This book ascribes Israel’s exceptional prosperity to the “Land Law” within the Law of Moses. Virtually unknown in the modern world, this unique and potent collection of economic rules is well laid out in scripture. By his time, Jesus railed against their near destruction, making statements that confuse us today, even though his hearers understood them well. 

Using lively narrative and familiar stories from the Old and New Testaments, The Other Law of Moses traces the genesis, observance and success of the Land Law. It opens in about 1200 BC with the beginning of Israel’s centuries-long prosperity and continues through the Law’s gradual corruption; it helps explain the famous anger of the prophets. The ending highlights the uncommon prosperity some modern day cities, regions, and countries enjoy where parts of the Law are practiced. By the end of the book, readers will likely conclude that many of today’s economic precepts are flawed and counterproductive.

Author: John L. Kelly
Paperback 256 pp
RSF: N6186
ISBN: 9781469961866

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