Why Global Poverty? + The End of Poverty? DVD

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Save $15 when you purchase the DVD of the award-winning documentary The End of Poverty? together with the companion guide Why Global Poverty?
Poverty is not an accident, and today global poverty has reached new levels because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies. The DVD contains the entire film, as well as special features such as extended interviews with experts and previously unseen footage. The companion guide offers background on the film, a complete transcript, and over seventy interviews with renowned experts.
The End of Poverty?
Director: Philippe Diaz
DVD 104 mins.
ISBN: 1595871233
2010 RSF-Cinema Libre
Why Global Poverty?
Authors: Clifford W. Cobb, Philippe Diaz
Paperback 428 pp
ISBN: 9780911312942
RSF: R1294
2009 RSF

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