A Perplexed Philosopher



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Henry George

A Perplexed Philosopher

Henry George


The Reason for this Examination

Part I / Declaration

Chapter I:      Social Statics - The Right to Land

Chapter II:     The Incongruous Passage

Chapter III:    Social Statics - The Right of Property

Chapter IV:     Mr. Spencer's confusion as to Rights

Chapter V:      Mr. Spencer's confusion as to Value

Chapter VI:     From Social Statics to Political Institutions

Part II / Repudiation

Chapter I:       Letter to St. James's Gazette

Chapter II:      The Man versus The State

Chapter III:      Letter to The Times

Chapter IV:     This Apology Examined

Chapter V:      Second Letter to The Times

Chapter VI:     More Letters

Part III / Recantation

Chapter I The Fate of Social Statics

Chapter II        The Place of Justice in the Synthetic Philosophy

Chapter III       The Synthetic Philosophy

Chapter IV       The Idea of Justice in the the Synthetic Phil.

Chapter V        Mr. Spencer's Task

Chapter VI       "The Rights to the Use of Natural Media"

Chapter VII      Justice on the Right to Light and Air

Chapter VIII    Justice on the Right to Land

Chapter IX      Justice—The Right of Property

Chapter X        The Right of Property and the Right of Taxation

Chapter XI      Compensation

Chapter XII       Justice—"The Land Question"

Chapter XIII      Principal Brown


The Moral of this Examination


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